A Little More About Me

Hello dear reader!

If you have gotten this far on my blog, then more likely than not, you have read my About the Author page on both this website and my other website that does not feature a blog, but does have character pages and book sneak peeks. If you haven’t checked out my other site and reading character pages and book sneak peeks piques your interest, then click right here.

Just as this blog post title states, this post provides a little more about me in the form of a character profile and a few more facts below it. I hope you enjoy!

Name: Kaitlyn B. Legaspi

Age: 19

Birthday: September 10

Favorite Food: Fried rice

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Book (Series): Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer

Favorite Book Crush: Artemis Fowl (who is my only book crush)

Favorite Book Genre(s): Fantasy and action

Hometown: Jacksonville, FL

Currently lives in: Gainesville, FL

Likes: Sweet things, boba tea, pens with a fine tip of 0.5mm and less, college-ruled paper, cute notebooks, ice skating, over-sized sweaters and jackets, dogs and cats, and sleeping

Dislikes: Bitter and sour things, wide-ruled paper, the color orange, waking up early, wearing belts and hats, talking in front of people, and loud noises

Hobbies: Singing, reading, writing, listening to music, cooking, playing video games, watching YouTube videos, and watching anime

Other things: I currently attend the University of Florida as an undergrad student majoring in business management and minoring in accounting. I’m also considering taking up a second minor in vocal performance, and I am really hoping that I pass auditions and make it into one of the a cappella groups that UF has. My favorite spot to read and study at in Gainesville is Teastori, because the boba tea, mochi ice cream, and macarons are fantastic, and you can buy cacti, succulents, and flower pots there as well. Not to mention there is also a giant Totoro statue you can take a picture with, which I haven’t done yet because I am an introvert at heart, and I do care about what people think at times.

I am also most definitely a night owl, which is unfortunate because this semester, I have an 8:30am class. It’s a music class though, so it’s definitely worth it. I am also the most productive at night, which I wish wasn’t the case, but I’m working on ways to improve that so I can sleep earlier because of my 8:30am class and any future morning classes that start before 9:30.

I started writing stories when I was in elementary school, but I didn’t start seriously writing until I was in middle school. The first novel-length work I had ever written and completed is the book that will be launching in a few months: Dark Irregular. It took about two years for me to write, and when I finished it, I immediately started writing its sequel which will be revealed after the release of Dark Irregular.

If you guys have further questions about me or my upcoming book, just comment down below, and I will be sure to answer. Have a fantastic next few days until the next post.

Thanks for reading!

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