Birthday Surprise: One of My Favorite Scenes from Dark Irregular

Hello dear reader!

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know what this is. I hope you enjoy this scene from my book, Dark Irregular.


Soon, a little past midday, they stopped at a local park, where Kanna watched the children play. She really felt at home just watching the kids run around and chase one another. The scene made her feel homesick.

Kanna noticed the mousy, brown-haired little boy sit up against a nearby tree, watching the other kids play, watching Kanna’s every move. She walked toward the lonely boy and knelt in front of him.

“What is your name?” She asked.

The boy hesitated, watching her with chestnut-brown eyes. “Len Kohzak,” he replied.

“Len? That’s a great name. I really like it.”

Len blushed and looked down bashfully.

“Are you also fairly new to this town, Len? I noticed you haven’t been playing with the others.” They looked at the smiling group.

“I come from one of the palaces, but I don’t remember which one,” he said, watching the others. “They wouldn’t accept me,” Len mumbled.

“You won’t know until you try.” Kanna stood up and held out a hand. “Let’s get to know everyone together.”

Len looked at her with wide eyes. “Okay,” he said, and he accepted her outstretched hand.

“Let’s go, then.” Kanna smiled softly.

She pulled Len to his feet and started to turn around when she froze at the sound of a nearby explosion and terrified screams. Kanna knew those screams well, having had that horrible nightmare. The thought of it sent chills up her spine, and she involuntarily shivered. The fact that a sudden attack was occurring right now caused beads of sweat to form on her brow. Kanna freed herself from her frozen state and turned around, gripping Len’s hand protectively, and saw the head of a gigantic shadow.

The kids gathered around her closely, trembling with fear. “All of you don’t make a sound and don’t make any noticeable, sudden movements. Walk calmly and get help. Tell that person that we’re here at the park. Go! Now!” Kanna whispered.

The kids scattered, small feet padding on the cobblestone street, running to find any kind of help. Kanna was left with Len, who was violently shaking by her side. His small hand was drenched compared to hers.

“Len, don’t make a sound. Don’t make any sudden movements. Just stay calm.” She picked him up and held his head in the crook of her neck. “Whatever you do, don’t open your eyes, and try to shut out every sound except my voice. Do you understand?”

Len only nodded in response as he buried his head further into her neck. Kanna tried not to bolt as the shadow spotted her alone under the shady tree with a small, almost-crying child in her arms.

“Pureblood,” it hissed. “A pureblood. Must devour!”

The large, bulky creature moved incredibly fast and reached Kanna in mere seconds. But her reflexes were sharp, and she managed to jump out of the way of the charging attack. The shadow easily snapped the thick tree in half and roared in annoyance.

“Must eliminate!” it hissed.

Kanna started running when the shadow began to charge her again. They started a wild goose chase around town, and people fled left and right to the nearest shelters they could find. The monster didn’t pay any attention to the fleeing townspeople. It was too focused on a certain fleer: Kanna.

She could feel Len’s tears trickle down her neck. “Don’t look! Close your eyes! Focus on me!” Kanna shouted over the constant turmoil that was occurring all around her.

I can’t keep running for long. My legs are starting to give out on me. Where’s Neel? I’ll even scream out Kenneth’s name if I have to. Kanna tripped over her fatigued feet and landed on her back on the cobblestone street. She gritted her teeth from the painful impact. Len lightly gasped in her arms.

“You’re okay. You’re going to be okay.” Kanna was surprised that she could keep her voice from shaking. She doubted her words as the bulky figure loomed over her, dark hair blending in with the shadow it created.

Its massive hands folded into hard, boulder-like fists. They were slowly raised above the bloodred eyes, Kanna noticed. She couldn’t help but replay the scenes of the nightmare from last night. She started shaking violently, just as Len was doing.

The fists were thrown down upon Kanna, but they didn’t make contact with her or Len. Kanna slowly opened her eyes and saw shimmering blue ripples. The fists made contact with a light-blue shield that appeared over Kanna and Len.

What is this? Kanna thought. She felt rhythmic vibrations flowing throughout the blue shield as ripples continued to glide across its surface. She noticed the blue orb Mr. Reed had given her was glowing, causing her to assume it was the reason the shield existed around her.

Kanna winced as she felt her body be pressed between the pressure from inside the shield and the cobblestone street beneath her. The road itself was beginning to be pounded into a smoothly carved crater. Kanna saw the edge of the real street rise with every hit the shield took. She bit her lip, trying to contain small cries of pain, trying not to alarm Len, as he had trouble breathing.

“Everything’s going to be okay,” she gasped.

“Kanna.” Len’s voice strained to say her name.

Kanna’s eyes widened in panic as she saw the growing cracks in the shield. It’s not going to hold much longer.

“Neel …Kenneth. …” she tried to scream. Help me! The blue shield broke into beautiful shimmering fragments, falling around Kanna as they disappeared.

She shut her eyes as two large fists came down upon her, anticipating the final blow. Moments passed, and she didn’t feel it. Seconds passed, and she still didn’t feel it. Instead of feeling hard stone and pain, she felt a sudden gust of wind and a pair of strong arms. When she opened her eyes, she saw the face of the ever-stoic Kenneth.

Kanna blinked at the unexpected face of her rescuer. “Kenneth.”

“Are you okay? No harm done?” he asked.

He doesn’t look concerned at all. Those eyes . . . Kanna nodded in response to his questions.

Kenneth set her down against a nearby brick wall and lightly ruffled Len’s brown hair, an action that made Kanna’s breath catch in her throat. “You’re fine,” Kenneth said softly. “Don’t move from this spot,” he told her.

Before she could respond, he disappeared in a flash, and her flickering eyes found him standing in front of the raging shadow. She watched as he unclipped a ten-inch titanium rod from his belt and held it out horizontally in front of him.

“Bind!” Thick white laser-like ropes shot out of both ends of the rod and wrapped around the monster’s arms and legs. The other ends of the ropes turned into spears that stuck themselves in the ground and nearby rooftops, minimizing any violent movement the shadow wanted to make.

It bellowed in annoyance. “Release!” it hissed. It tried to free itself from its binds. “Release me!”

Kenneth put an end of the rod to the shadow’s stomach. “Extend.” Soon, a sharp white tip protruded from its back as it screeched in pain. The metallic sound nearly murdered Kanna’s ears. She tightly held a silently crying Len.

“Disperse.” With a sharp, slicing sound, the shadow was punctured from the inside out, and white tips stuck out in nearly every part of its body from head to toe.

“Annihilate.” The rods started to cast a blinding white light, and a blistering sound came from the shadow’s smoking body. It let out one final screech before disintegrating from the bottom up, surrounding Kenneth in its remaining dark-purple particles of dust.

Kenneth stood up straight, shoulders back, feet planted on the ground, blank eyes staring at his white blade. “Retract.” The blade disappeared, and he clipped the rod back onto his belt.

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