On Writing White Blossom Blog Post #4: Why I even Wrote Song Lyrics in any of My Books

Hello dear reader!

Sorry for the two weeks of blog post absence. I had a fun time with family and friends during winter break, and this past week I have been prepping and getting back into the swing of things for the new semester at university, so things have been pretty busy. As promised if you follow my Instagram, I have this new blog post for you, and you already know what it’s about.

If you’ve read Dark Irregular, you know that I have written song lyrics for Kanna’s lullaby which may or may not be great in your opinion. And, spoiler alert, there are more song lyrics in White Blossom; however, they don’t really pertain to the story in any major way and also may or may not be great in your opinion. Now, you may be wondering why I even bothered to add song lyrics to my books in the first place. Well, the answer is pretty simple.

At the time, I was an avid song-lyric writer.

Back in the days where the Nickelodeon Message Boards was still a thing, I was one of the lyric writers who frequented the music category of the boards, writing song lyrics for people who gave me titles. It was really fun for me to do since I could interpret the titles given to me however I wanted. It kept me writing whenever I was stuck writing a book, and it continuously sparked my creativity. Also, I was taking piano and vocal lessons at the time, and music was a huge part of my life—not that it isn’t now. I mean, I plan on auditioning for a vocal performance minor and I’m in an a cappella group for heaven’s sake.

Long story short, I wanted to incorporate my love for music in my books, which is why Kanna has the singing power she has and why there are song lyrics in Dark Irregular and White Blossom. Now, was that the best choice for the books? At the time, I thought it was great because it told people more about me in a pretty subtle way, and I still think so.

I worked hard on the song lyrics featured in my books, especially the lullaby in Dark Irregular. I spent hours mentally coming up with a melody and putting lyrics to said melody. In fact, I still have all the notecards I wrote drafts of the lullaby on. From time to time I encounter them hidden in my old writing journals, and I read them. Every time I do, I simply cringe and put them back where I found them.

Yes, I most definitely am that type of writer.

I don’t write song lyrics anymore, nor do I take piano and vocal lessons, but I am still very active in the realm of music, and I don’t plan on ever stopping. I hope, if you do get White Blossom, you like the song lyrics I have written.

Fortunately, there aren’t any in Gray Heart.

That is all for this blog post dear reader! I hope you enjoyed reading about why I include song lyrics in my books. If you did, leave a comment down below, and if you have any questions about this blog post or anything in general, post it down below or message me on my Instagram @kaitlyn_b_legaspi or Facebook @kaitlynblegaspi, and I will get to them asap.

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Thanks for reading!

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