How I Got Inspiration for My Other Characters

Hello dear reader!

Sorry for no blog post last week. I was out of town for a competition, and exams have been coming up, not to mention my internship has been starting to pick up among other things. I’ve just been super busy, but not busy enough to keep me from writing this particular blog post.

Before I start, I do want to mention that there is less than a week left until Valentine’s Day, and in celebration of this day of love—or reminder that love is dead, whichever is more applicable to you)—I will be posting a Valentine’s Day One Shot AU. Now, which characters are going to be featured as the couple in this one shot? Take a good guess. I will be posting this short, clichéd little thing on, well, Valentine’s Day, and I hope you all enjoy it when it does come out.

Now, on with the topic of this blog post.

If you’ve read Dark Irregular and maybe even White Blossom at this point, then you know that both books have a really large cast of characters. I’m talking at least fifteen including recurring minor characters and definitely at least twenty, maybe even twenty-five if you want to include characters whose names have been mentioned.

Why so many characters?

I honestly have no idea. Middle school me obviously thought it would be such a great idea, but it seriously wasn’t. Keeping track of so many characters, making sure each of them got even a little bit of development and dialogue was such a tough challenge. Making sure my fifteen+ characters had their own unique personalities wasn’t so much of an issue though.


Well, dear reader, a lot of the characters in the Dark Irregular Trilogy were inspired by my very unique middle school classmates.

To give a little backstory, I went to a K-8 private school, which meant that I was classmates with roughly the same sixty people for nine years straight. Sure, you had the classmates who transferred out and those who transferred in, but for the most part, I went to school with those same sixty people for those long nine years. And come on, nine years is a lot of time to get to know someone, especially if they were actually your classmate for all of those nine years. There were a lot of unique and different personas in my class, and when it came down to it, there really wasn’t a lot of hatred or drama that I could sense. As a class, we all got along pretty well. Then again, I was totally dense at the time and lacked a lot of social skills, so I could be completely wrong.

Anyway, when I started writing Dark Irregular in middle school and revealed to someone who told someone else that I had based a character off of them, word spread that I was writing a book and so-and-so was a character in it. Soon, a good number of my classmates wanted to be in my book, and while it was overwhelming to be asked by a number of people if they could be a character in my book, it made it that much easier for me to not feel bad or as secretive about basing said characters off of my classmates. However, it did make me feel guilty whenever someone asked if they could be in it and I told them I had a lot of characters already. Seeing that disappointed look on their face was just so sad.

I mean, come on, my classmates even asked me if they should make a character profile of themselves to give to me so I could have an easier time creating their character. I even made sure they liked the names I made for their characters if they were going to be in my book. They thought me writing a book was such a cool thing. I even still have several of the character profiles they gave me stuffed into a journal somewhere back home. It really was touching, and I really loved that they were that excited about me writing a book.

As a result, at least fifteen characters in the Dark Irregular Trilogy are based off of my middle school classmates. And, well, if you are a former classmate of mine and you’re wondering if I did include you in my books, just pay attention to a character’s initials and their physical description. If their initials and physical characteristics match yours, then there’s a pretty good chance I based that character off of you with or without you knowing.

Hopefully you knew, but if you didn’t, well… surprise!

That is all for this miscellaneous post! I hope you enjoyed reading about where I got information for a lot of my minor characters in the trilogy. If you did, leave a comment below, and if you have any questions about this blog post comment on this post message me on my Instagram @kaitlyn_b_legaspi or Facebook @kaitlynblegaspi, and I will get to them as soon as I possibly can.

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Thanks for reading!

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