Valentine’s Day Post! Kanna and Kenneth One-Shot AU: Tutoring Session

Hello Dear Reader! Happy Valentine’s Day! If you’ve followed my Instagram, you know that I’ve made an announcement stating that I’d be posting a Valentine’s Day one-shot AU centered around two of the characters from the Dark Irregular Trilogy. Well, here it is, and I hope you enjoy!

“Kenneth?” Kanna mumbled under her breath, gripping her pencil tightly. She had been working on the same math problem for the past ten minutes, and while she was getting it right, she didn’t understand how to get the right answer using her teacher’s way, which was, of course the only way. If a student failed to use the method taught in class, Mr. Kelion Landon was known to give no credit for doing so.

“Having trouble with Mr. Landon’s method?” the older student asked knowingly. He paused while doing his own math problem and looked across the table at Kanna’s notebook. Even though it was upside-down in his vision, her handwriting was so neat that he didn’t have any problems reading it. “I remember that method from last year. It gave everyone problems, even me.”

“I find that hard to believe,” Kanna sighed, “given you are the number one student in your class.”

“Just because I’m the number one student in my grade doesn’t mean I’m a full-fledged genius,” Kenneth commented, brushing his hair out of his bespectacled eyes. “If anything, I prefer prodigy.”

“A prodigy is still some sort of genius,” Kanna scoffed, setting her pencil down. She then pouted at her friend and tutor. “And people call me smart. I’m nothing compared to you.”

“Don’t say that. You know we both have our strengths and weaknesses.” Kenneth stood from his seat and walked over to hers. He looked over her shoulder, onyx eyes quickly scanning the page below him. “You will always be a more approachable person than me, for one.”

“I guess . . .” Kanna trailed off and let her eyes wander over to the wall clock as Kenneth continued studying the page. “Have we really been at it for two hours?”

“Feels like we’ve been working for more, right?”


“Well, after I finish showing you how to do Mr. Landon’s method for solving problems like these, how about we take a little break?” Kenneth asked. He looked over at Kanna and pursed his lips when he saw her rubbing at the corners of her eyes. It was then he noticed the light bags and lack of gold sparkle they carried, a rare sight to see considering she was a person who had a great amount of stamina that would last throughout any day. “Or we can continue after taking a break now.”

“No, I’ll finish this problem first.” Kanna shook her head. Her pinching her own hand didn’t go unnoticed by her tutor. “Let’s finish it up.”

“Like you said, we’ve been at it for two hours. We both need to take a break at this point,” Kenneth said. “Plus, you look exhausted. Have you been sleeping much these past few days?”

“No . . . not really,” Kanna hesitantly mumbled. If he knew just how much sleep I’ve been getting these days, he’d kill me.

“How many hours did you sleep last night?” Taking the seat beside her, Kenneth swept up the note book and shut it. He didn’t flinch when Kanna sent him a slight glare. “I know you can’t operate well when you don’t sleep enough, and I know you never look this exhausted unless you’re sleep deprived. How many hours did you sleep last night?”


“Kanna,” Kenneth didn’t give her a chance to speak, “how many hours?”

“Mm,” Crumbling under his intense onyx gaze, Kanna flicked her eyes eye from his and muttered, “Only four.”

“Has it been like that for the past few nights?”

“Yeah, pretty much.”

“So, basically since the beginning of this week?”


“Because of this first wave of exams?”


At this point, Kanna’s face was completely angled to the wall holding the ticking clock, away from her friend’s blank onyx eyes. He’s going to kill me.

“Kanna, you’re going to bed,” Kenneth stated. Kanna watched in shock as he stood from his chair and disappeared around a corner that she knew led to his bedroom.

“But this isn’t my house!” she called out to him. Tapping her fingers on the wooden table, she willed her nerves away. It had always been like this. Whenever Kenneth’s eyes went blank, he became unpredictable and completely out of character.

“Doesn’t matter.” Kanna flinched when she heard his muffled voice on the other side of the wall. She shrank into her chair when she heard a few light bangs. He was clearly rummaging through whatever drawers and doors he had in this room. After a few seconds of him being unusually loud, his head finally popped out from the corner he disappeared behind. Her jaw dropped a bit when she saw her tutor holding a small, bundled-up blanket in his arms. “You’re crashing on the couch for an hour.”

“An hour?” Kanna squeaked when Kenneth practically pulled her from her seat by her arm and started leading her to his house’s living room. “Your parents will be home by then!”

“It’s not like they’ve walked into the house with only us in it before,” Kenneth commented bluntly. “We’re responsible people, and they know it.”

“But your dinner—”

“You know they’ll invite you to stay and eat like they always do.”

“I’m one more mouth to feed.”

“Have you seen your measly appetite?” He hid a smirk when Kanna growled at this statement. “A toddler can eat more than you.”

“I’ll only sleep for twenty minutes.”



“Forty-five, and you can’t get me lower than that,” Kenneth said decisively, throwing the blanket at her. He crossed his arms over his chest and tilted his head at the couch. He had arranged all the pillows so Kanna would feel comfortable lying down on it. “Take it or I’ll make sure you stay on this couch for an hour and thirty.”

“Fine,” Kanna sighed, exasperated. She unfolded the blanket, plopped herself onto the Reinier’s couch and threw it over her as she lay down. As much as she hated to admit it, it did feel comfortable with all the pillows surrounding her, especially the one under her head. I have to ask where Marian buys her throw pillows when I see her next.

“You know I won’t be able to take care of you like this after I graduate,” Kenneth said quietly. He took a seat on the floor next to her head, and she saw that his onyx eyes had returned to their normal calm state. “You have to take care of yourself once I’m gone.”

“Since you’re going out of state, right?” Kanna asked. She could feel her chest start to tighten at the thought of him leaving.


“Promise you’ll call?”

“Of course,” he chuckled. “Why wouldn’t I call my favorite girl in the entire world? And besides, it’s not like we’re going to be away from each other for long.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ve heard some talk in the hallways that you’re aiming to get into the same university I’m going to,” Kenneth said with a knowing smirk.

Willing a blush down, Kanna started lifting the blanket up over her lips. “Of course. I’ve been considering that university forever . . . You think I’ll be able to get in?”

“I’m sure you will,” Kenneth assured her.

“But what if I don’t?” Kanna asked quietly.

“It’s only four years,” Kenneth said, shrugging a bit. “It’s not like we’ll be waiting a lifetime to live in the same city again.”

“Mm,” Kanna threw the blanket over her head and whispered, “It’s still four years. A lot can happen in four years.”

“Kanna,” Said black-haired girl felt a hand on her blanket-covered head. A thumb was gently rubbing her temple. “You know, even after I graduate and go to college, you’ll still be my favorite girl.”

Lowering the blanket so only her eyes were showing, Kanna stared up into her friend’s unusually warm onyx eyes. A smile was playing on his lips, showing a mix of amusement and genuine care.

“Promise?” she asked softly.

“Yeah,” Kenneth laid his head down next to hers and closed his eyes. He could feel her breathing slow as her exhaustion finally began to take over her. “I promise.”

And that is all for this one-shot AU! I hope you enjoyed! If you did, be sure to subscribe to receive more blog post updates, and follow me on Instagram and Facebook at @kaitlyn_b_legaspi and @kaitlynblegaspi.

Thanks for reading!

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