On Writing Gray Heart Blog Post #3: Where Will Kanna be Going Now? Going Overseas!

Hello Dear Reader!

I hope you have been faring well staying indoors because of the virus. Not going out has been taking its toll on me. Fortunately, a lot of things have been keeping me busy such as this blog, my Instagram profile, and an exam that I’ll be taking tomorrow.

Wish me luck!

With that being said, please practice recommended actions experts have been recommending, such as washing your hands, covering your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, social distancing, etc. My college campus is basically a ghost town, and the city I live in has a curfew now because of the virus. It really hasn’t been fun, especially in grocery stores. I’d already heard about the toilet paper, napkins, and water, but I was really surprised at how scarce the bacon was at the Walmart I frequent.

Anyway, enough with all the serious stuff! Let’s have some fun!

There is no virus in the world of the Dark Irregular Trilogy, therefore Kanna and friends are able to do what we currently aren’t: travel!


The land of the highland elves, and elf Princess Bell Vora Aika Rena’s home, the kingdom of Solrin!

Located overseas from the kingdom of Sylenia, it takes two weeks by foot and by water to reach the kingdom of the highland elves. However, with the invention of the aura-powered wheel-less rides I talked about in the last blog post, travel time can be cut by a day or two. (So, if you want to read about these awesome rides and the sport they’re featured in, read my previous blog post)

After traveling by wheel-less ride, foot, and boat, travelers will be able to witness the beauty of the shimmering crystal castle from the ocean. The castle is so magnificent that Kanna describes the spires of crystal to be piercing the clear blue sky. Here, King Terrol Aman Criste Rena and his son and daughter live, spending their time completing their daily duties as elfin royalty.

Since the palace is located not too far from the ocean, much of the commerce and livelihood there revolves around the water. Many fishing boats can be seen on the coast, and different kinds of fish are sold in their markets every day. Sailing is a favorite pastime of many of the elves. In fact, it’s Princess Bel’s!

Even if you aren’t by the ocean, there are many freshwater bodies in the kingdom of Solrin, and more often than not, you will see highland elves swimming and playing games in lakes and rivers. Many of the elfin mages and warriors in Solrin have affinities for water, so a traveler may even be able to catch someone practicing their magic in their backyard pond.

The highland elves of Solrin may specialize in everything and all things water, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t good at anything else. The elves in Solrin are highly respected for their healing abilities, and their natural proficiency in magic is sought-after in many kingdoms including Sylenia. They are also born with great precision and accuracy. As a result, their warrior division has made a separate archer class. This class is very difficult to get into, and only half of the elves who apply to enter as an apprentice in this class pass their individual exams. Unlike other archers, those in Solrin are very well-rounded. Many have claimed Solrin archers are the deadliest warriors of the kingdom because they are as lethal in close-combat as they are in long-range attacks.

Bel isn’t a warrior in the archer class, but she does have a “friend” who is. He’s also a healer, something of high accomplishment in Solrin.

In terms of religion, the highland elves worship the Great Goddess Avyanna alongside the humans as the one who creates and watches over all. In addition to this, they also have a star ranking based on which level of society they were born into. For example, King Terrol and his children are elves who would be born under the sun because of their status as royals. Bel’s friend, who was born a commoner elf, was born under the star Osburga.

The highland elves of Solrin are a relatively peaceful and respectful people who won’t resort to violence unless they think it necessary. They are also highly respected by other kingdoms and species in the world, and it would be unwise for visitors to act disrespectful to an elf of the land of sun. They’re highly family-oriented, so insulting one would mean insulting that one’s entire family.

It makes me wonder how Cedric is still alive after messing with Bel so much.

That’s all for this blog post! I hope you enjoyed learning about the kingdom of Solrin and the elves who live there. If you have any comments or questions about this blog post or just anything about the trilogy, comment down below or message on Instagram or Facebook @kaitlyn_b_legaspi or @kaitlynblegaspi. Also, if you enjoyed this post, subscribe for blog notifications every week! If you do, you’ll get a shareable link to the sneak-peek of Gray Heart, which is available up until May 1st!

Thanks for reading!

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