Book Review #6: The Prophecy War: Book 1, Wind and Water by S.G. Bacon

Hello Dear Reader!

This week’s book review is on the first book of The Prophecy War, Wind and Water.  I actually won this book by entering an Instagram book giveaway held by fellow indie author @sgbaconwriter, so go check her out! Her content is amazing!

Anyway, onto the review!

Wind and Water is a fantasy and action book that is set partly in New York and party in an alternate, magical universe. There’s also a bit of romance sprinkled in the mix, so in terms of genres, this book was definitely for me! And even if you aren’t a fantasy, action, and romance genre fan, I recommend you still give it a try, because the story successfully kept me locked in.

Before I dig deeper into Wind and Water, here is its synopsis(from Amazon):

Cara Macoy’s expectations for a visit to Fort Ticonderoga are low at best, but what awaits her there proves to be far more than she bargained for.

There are demons at the fort, and they want her dead. But then she is rescued by Erik Kohl, a mysterious and handsome stranger who needs her alive to help him stop the demons from killing everyone on earth.

Along with Erik, Cara is pulled into a dangerous adventure filled with prophecies, magic, and violence that spans two worlds. Soon Cara learns that she has to put aside the ordinary girl she was and become the warrior she is destined to be. The world is on the brink of destruction, and only Cara and Erik can save it.

End synopsis, and time for the review!

The main character, Cara Macoy is an athletic junior in high school who is suddenly thrust into an unexpected adventure when she finds a letter from her mom in their hotel room telling her to find a boy with her necklace. Witty and headstrong, Cara still shows moments of weakness and uncertainty like just about every teenager does, so I find her to be relatable to some extent.

Honestly, I wish could relate to her athleticism, but I can’t.

Main supporting character Erik Kohl is a muscular, blue-eyed dreamboat about Cara’s age who has secrets that I can’t reveal because spoilers are definitely a thing. Dark and mysterious, he does show to have some sense of humor and has a soft, caring heart. Despite this, he is a naturally athletic guy and a great fighter, so don’t make him angry or get in his way.

Now, there are a number of minor characters in Wind and Water, but none of them get too much screen time with the exception of Gabriel and Sir Cobalt­—at least in my opinion. All I can say is that S.G. Bacon has created a diverse cast of characters from the cool and calm Gabriel to the energetic Tebbit twins.

Unfortunately, the alternate magical dimension that Cara and Erik travel to isn’t described in much detail, but it makes sense because they only spent a small portion of the book in said dimension. Despite this, there is the mention of magical creatures such as griffins and the evil demons. What impresses me about these demons is that there are so many different types. There are demons associated with wind, water, fire, and so much more.

Despite the pretty solid story, I did notice that Wind and Water generally rushed. In my opinion, scenes could have been more fleshed out, and there could’ve been more content between the most important moments in the book. As a result of the story being rushed, I feel the characters weren’t as well developed as they could’ve been. They ended up being a bit shallow, but they aren’t terrible characters either. I really liked Cara, Erik, Gabriel, and Sir Cobalt, and I hope you do too if you end up reading this book.

I do talk to S.G. Bacon on Instagram, and she did tell me that she wrote it in middle school, which I could completely relate to because I wrote my own first book when I was in middle school. And, for a book written by a middle schooler, it’s a solid read. It being rushed didn’t take much away from the story, and I definitely still found it enjoyable.

So, Wind and Water rating:

7/10 and considering getting the second book in the future once I have the money to do so.

That is all for this book review! I hope you enjoyed reading it, and I really do hope you give Wind and Water a try. Also, check out the indie author @sgbaconwriter on her Instagram because her content is great, and she’s a really sweet person.

Thanks for reading!

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