Another One of My Favorite Scenes from Gray Heart

Hello Dear Reader!

Happy April Fools! Seriously, be happy, because this is no joke. Although this particular is pretty short, it’s still a scene from Gray Heart that I’d love to share with you. So, I hope you enjoy!

Scene Start! (Also, spoilers!)

I remember this all too well, how that disaster happened.

“Kenneth, are you all right? Let’s sit down someplace where the sun can’t reach you.”

            He was very sick that day, but he insisted that we go to Ashpheel since I hadn’t seen him in about a month or so.

            “Ken, I bought you some cold . . . tea.”

            I left him in the shade so I could get him something cold to drink. That was the biggest mistake I have ever made in my life.

            “What’s that black thing clinging onto your arm?”

            Within the shade, Liridon was able to grow stronger and break out of his prison. He took over Kenneth’s body easily. He turned him into a monster.


            I should have run away.

            “I know you’re somewhere in there.”

            No, I just had to stay and try to bring him to his senses. I was such a naïve child, and I still am.

            “Mr. Irregular, right? Please give Kenneth back to me. He doesn’t deserve to feel the pain you’re giving him right now, so please let him go.”

            My attempt to free him ended with me planted in one of the stone walls of Avyanna’s temple. Back then, at the moment, I thought the excruciating pain I felt couldn’t be bested, that it was the most terrible thing ever. But now as I look back, seeing my bloodied, broken, injured reflection within the colorful stain-glass windows was far worse than the pain. Looking back, I’ve finally realized that my heart wasn’t as pure as I had thought. I realized that I had always been imprisoned in the gray, the barrier between what is living and what is dead. When I first saw myself in those windows, I had accepted the fact that, even though I was an innocent child, I was a bad omen, a curse, a bane.

And scene end!

I know, it’s pretty heavy and sad, but this was literally the only scene I could find that wouldn’t provide too many spoilers as to what happens in the story. Regardless, I hope you enjoyed! Gray Heart comes out on May 1st, so if you’re interested in pre-ordering it or getting the other two books, Dark Irregular and White Blossom, you can find all three of them on Amazon.

Thanks for reading!

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