On Writing Gray Heart Blog Post #5: Two of My Favorite Things about Gray Heart

Hello Dear Reader!

Happy Easter! I know we can’t really do much on this holiday because of the virus, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. My family and I ordered take out from Cheddar’s, and we’ll definitely be eating the leftovers tonight for dinner. Food was amazing as always, especially their honey croissants. My mouth is watering at the mere thought of them.

Anyway, this week’s On Writing Gray Heart blog post is about two of my favorite things about the last book of this trilogy, and honestly, one of them is being able to travel out of the East and West Kingdoms of Sylenia. If you have not read any of my books, Sylenia is split into two: the east and west. West Sylenia is where Kanna is from, with its main palace being the Palace of the Crimson Rose. East Sylenia is where Kanna travels to in White Blossom, with its palace being the Palace of the Black Dagger. If you have read my previous blog post, Kanna and friends get to travel outside of the two halves of the kingdom and across the sea to Solrin, the land of the highland elves.

For the first two books, the entire cast of characters is basically trapped within similar settings, with the exception of Kanna going into the Void and traveling there for several chapters of White Blossom. Long story short, I was ready for a change of scenery, and Gray Heart was able to provide that. Not only do we get to see a few parts of Solrin. We also get to travel back into the Void and venture into the territory and personal home of Aliza, the Somber Irregular.

Being able to build these different settings from scratch was like a breath of fresh air after re-using sets and concepts I’d used in the other two books, and I had a lot of fun imagining how these places would look and translating these images into words on paper.

The second of my favorite things about Gray Heart is creating the princes.

If you’ve read the back-cover summary of Gray Heart, then you know there is a competition for Kanna’s hand in marriage, and the champions of just a handful of the minor kingdoms of Sylenia are the contenders. Other than the champion of the main palace—which I will not spoil—there are four other candidates, and those four are princes! I had so much fun creating each character as I wrote this story, and the best thing about it was that I had to make them as different from each other as possible. Their personalities ended up ranging from shy and sweet to rather crafty and cruel with dark intentions. A redhead is also among the princes, and he is known to be quite attractive and good at making women swoon at first sight.

Even Kanna commented on the lovely shade of his fiery hair, and that is a lot coming from her.

Also wondering how these different personalities would interact with each other was really interesting and a journey to determine. One of the princes ended up being so good at pressing other people’s buttons that he was able to make Kenneth annoyed and borderline angry, which is a really hard thing to do.

And guess what? It’s the redhead.

Though these princes play a rather minor role in Gray Heart, they were still a joy to write and watch grow in the book. I only wish I could’ve given them more time, because I do believe they are all lovable in their own unique ways.

And you’ll find out how lovable they are when you read Gray Heart.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. There’s less than three weeks left until release! If you have any thoughts or comments about this post or just the trilogy in general, leave them down below along with any questions you may have. You can also reach me on Instagram or Facebook @kaitlyn_b_legaspi or @kaitlynblegaspi. Also, if you enjoyed this post, subscribe for blog notifications every week! If you do, you’ll get a shareable link to the sneak-peek of Gray Heart, which is available up until May 1st!

Thanks for reading!

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